School utters collective post-AP sigh

Shelby Lex, Editor-In-Chief

Everything you’ve worked towards this entire year is crammed into 190 minutes of pure torture and agonizing stress that makes your head pound. Your hands cramp, your neck aches from looking down, you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, and you’re straining to get every bit of information you’ve learned over the past eight months onto a sheet of paper. But then the proctor tells you, “Time is up, put your pencils down.” He says this so indifferently that it doesn’t accurately convey the major accomplishment that just took place in this over-heated and muggy room: AP testing is over. Relief and euphoria instantly wash over you, but you can’t seem to wrap your mind around the idea that you’re done. No more timed writes, studying, or practice tests; no more anything. So celebrate for all the times you hated yourself for signing up for this AP class when you were awake at midnight, and take pride in the fact that you survived it. Celebrate knowing that from here, the next few weeks of school will be a breeze (until you’re given a 100 point project or have to study for finals).