Update your blog!

Jordan Carlson, Staff Writer

School’s over and it’s time to go home. The only thought is to relax. Finally, the evening arrives and it’s time to start cramming for the day ahead. As always checking the teacher’s blog for the homework is the route of choice. When checking a blog, it is apparent that tonight’s homework hasn’t been posted yet and its 9 o’clock. It’s already way too late in the night to even start that homework and now you have to wait till it is posted. Stress hits and causes frustration. Every day you try so hard to get good grades and get the homework done on time. But now you have no idea what the homework is or what to expect for next class. Finally, it’s almost 10 o’ clock and the homework gets posted. Now you have to stay up super late getting work done so that you can get 5 hours of sleep in order to be successful in school. But on the other hand, when the homework is actually posted at a reasonable time, us students can get actually get it done so that we can do other things in life that we like to do instead of homework all night long.