Crummy closed career center

Stephanie Hays, Opinion Editor

The career center closed itself to hungry, food scarfing, rabble rousing teenagers during lunch just a couple weeks ago. While students are still free to enter at their leisure, the inevitable food that comes with them is not. So now what do we have to do? Go back to the – heaven forbid – lunchroom. The place filled with other high schoolers trying to eat their brown bag lunches brought from home, and greasy pizza slices that were fought for in the lunch line. The career center was a wonderful clean nexus in the heart of Liberty where students could eat their lunch in peace! And now it’s closed!

But you want to know why? Because of us! The students! Why are we leaving our gross plates and trash littered around that wonderful room, forcing the kind hearted Mrs. Co and Mrs. Nystrom to wander around picking up our garbage. The students are to blame for this downward spiral of events, the reason that we have been forced out of a nicer, better place to eat. Pick up your trash Patriots! And let the career center be open to us during lunches once more.