Creativity is useful in every career

Kalie Murphy, Photography Editor

Today is the time where the geek is celebrated and the science nerd is applauded, not shunned. This is partly because the desire for new computer technology is taking off, and the focus for math and science is stronger than ever. With the exponentially growing use of technology in everyday life, the demand to fill the technology careers is growing just as fast.

However it is vitally important to remember to invest time in the arts as well as valuable skills such as creativity and innovation can be learned from music art and drama. While art credits are demanded for gradation, but that does not mean that we should take the easiest classes out there, just to get the requirements out of the way. Not only are classes like art, drama and band very fun, they foster creativity that is important in all careers, whether artistically or scientifically oriented.

Creative classes also promote success in science and math as well. It is a known fact that students who are involved in music do better in math classes. The natural rhythm and complex timing of songs increases student’s ability to handle numbers with ease. However, more than that, they allow students to learn how to think in a way that is critical to exploring new concepts in STEM careers.

In STEM careers, creativity is needed to come up with new concepts. Innovation cannot happen without the creativity to explore and design new ideas. Physicists cannot dream up new theoretical models for the universe, engineers cannot design ground breaking technology, and businessmen cannot explore new economic ideas without creativity. A healthy amount of creativity is needed to explore and generate new ideas. Originality and inspiration is not limited to the arts.

Research shows that children have a natural inclination towards creativity, and the push for intellectual success in high school causes many students to put a hold on their creative side, unaware that this is critical for future college and job success. According to an article written by Daniel Katanski at Eastern Michigan University called Bridging the Creativity and STEM Crisis, SAT scores that involve creativity have dropped over the past ten years; this gap will seriously impact the innovation of the future.

Furthermore, the need for creativity allows the United States of America to be competitive globally. New innovations and products are necessary for competition on global markets. Scientifically speaking, it is important for science research to be on par with that happening in other countries around the world.

So, next time that you sign up for classes, instead of just signing up for the first art credit on the list or just taking art one, try to pick a creative class that you are interested in. Take ceramics, or drama, or don’t be afraid to try choir for a year. Branch out and find the inner creative side. Not only will these classes help with science and math, they will foster creativity essential for your future.