Cold weather not an excuse for PDA

Connor Cherry , Staff Writer

Brace yourselves fellow Patriots: more cold days are inbound. How will you stay warm this season? Maybe you will go with the classic leather jacket? Or maybe a cozy sweatshirt?  You could be that strange guy who claims they are never cold despite always shivering in those basketball shorts. If you have a significant other, perhaps you two think you will stay warm by making out like in one of those James Bond films.

Well I’ve got news for you loverboy/lovergirl. You are not James Bond. The hallways are not your personal love-shack. You are not staying warm by going at it like you’re in the basement of your parents’ house on Friday night. You are desecrating the professional atmosphere of this educational establishment. If you want to stay warm, put on a nice jacket; don’t try and snuggle for warmth. Now, a quick kiss here and there is fine since you want to show that it’s obvious you guys are madly in love and destined to be. Everything in high school works out like that, right? But that’s for another time, and another beef.

Fellow Patriots, during these trying times of sub-zero temperatures, show some courtesy and stop making out to stay warm. Save it for after school and off campus. Your peers don’t need to see you marking your territory while on their way to class. Find other ways to stay warm this season.