The insufferable slouchy desk

Kalie Murphy

You are late to class, and manage to slide guiltily through the door in the last instance before the bell. You frantically look around for a free seat and cannot stop the groan from escaping your mouth when you see the desk that you are stuck with for the rest of the day: the slouchy desk.

Even in the best possible situations school desks are just not comfortable to sit in yet we have to sit there for hour and a half periods of time, squirming and adjusting, just trying to find a comfortable position.

But then there is the desk that everyone hates, that desk no one wants to sit in. It is the one that leans so far back; you are forced to sit in an awkward slouched position.

No one wants that desk. It is hard to see the board while reclining with the desk just behind you digging into your spine as you stare at the ceiling. It’s hard to take notes since you have to fight gravity to sit upright and reach the paper in front of you.

Next time, you will just have to sprint to class, in order to claim a desk that is not stuck in a permanently reclined position