*Beep Beep* Get out of the road!

KD Kerstetter

Picture a carefree sophomore walking down the road, chatting with friends. All of a sudden this tranquility is shattered when a car races toward him, blaring its horn full blast. “What’s the problem?” you wonder. Maybe I can provide him with some insight.

In fact, you are walking down the middle of a busy street designed for automotive traffic, taking your sweet time getting out of the way. Apparently your time is more important than that of any other student. Briefly crossing to the other side of the street is really no problem, but when you walk down the middle of the street you not only put your safety into the hands of not-so-experienced drivers, you run the risk of making the driver late. You also cause cars in both directions of traffic to drive dangerously close to each other or to the curb, creating the potential for costly car damage.

Well enough is enough. Be courteous to the drivers of the school; they have classes and activities to get to and, in fact, if they are headed to class and are just now making their way to the parking lot, they are going to be much later than you are anyway! Give the cars the right of way! Step aside, let the cars through, and I promise, you will only get there 30 seconds later.