A cafeteria conundrum

Stephanie Hays

Those cafeteria tables. Let’s be honest, there just aren’t enough seats. Every single lunch is a frantic game of musical chairs to see who gets those 12 sacred spots and who has to be that person that is either stuck on the end, or forced to sit at another table with only a couple other stranded friends.

Lunch is meant to be a time of friendship and relaxation, a break from classes and learning, but instead it has become marred by the series of unfortunate events for children who A) are running through the new lunchroom  pushing and shoving others out of the way to desperately reach a seat or B) complaining about how they don’t have a seat.

It’s time to get more chairs! No one wants to be that guy who has to sit somewhere else with a bunch of people he doesn’t know – forced to eat lunch in silence – or that person awkwardly turning to chat with their friends’ backs.