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Choosing passion as a route to success

High school students are at the time in their life when their activities and decisions start affecting the future, so students should choose wisely by following their passions. Being passionate about a subject makes it more interesting to learn, study, and do repeatedly. Most importantly, your career can be satisfying and provide for a healthier outlook on life.

Some students are drawn towards the jobs that tend to pay more, either the students are interested in the field, or the increased pay is the most important factor. If the latter is the case, I encourage you to rethink your priorities. Finding a career that has to do with what you love, by putting a smile on your face, will make going to work easier and more enjoyable and you may find yourself surrounded by even more ideas that spark your intrigue.

I see students struggling under a difficult workload, balancing a sport with clubs, and although all of this looks really appealing to the top colleges, I see the students really suffering mentally, and as they begin to lose sleep, suffering physically. Is it really worth it?

But what is it? Instead of taking the extra AP class, consider joining a community band, or trying your hand in a school play. It may be just as much dedication, but the rewards to your personal wellbeing will be much worth it. You could find what you are truly passionate about!

Of course, if you have already figured out your passion,- maybe it is the bright realm of neon fish or the expressive realm of dancing- focus your efforts. Colleges look for well-rounded individuals, but also ones that are successful in specific areas.

To get you thinking, look at your school activities right now. Are you doing them to look good on college apps, or do you truly love the place you volunteer, or the club that you are a member of? Seek out opportunities now that align with your interests, or even better, search for new experiences that may become your new passion. As a high school student, you have most likely considered multiple career options, and as you continue to think, make sure you take into account the most important factor: Will I be happy?