Peril in the parking lot

Rachel Shaw

Each day, countless Liberty students find themselves embarking on the long and dangerous trek across the parking lot as they travel from the 500 building to the locker rooms located in the northeast corner of campus. These adventurers, who bravely opted to take PE classes in the uncharted territory on the far side of Liberty, spend each journey dodging cars full of reckless students excitedly racing driving down the concrete river of darkness, the cars catching air off the speed bumps as they hurl through the parking lot. Yes, these students have a sidewalk they could utilize as they walk past the performing arts center, but the width of the sidewalk is not large enough to accommodate the sheer amount of students that travel down it every passing period. Hence, students are forced to resort to walking down the road: a path traditionally used for cars, construction equipment, and Kinsley’s golf cart. It is simply unfair to subject these students to the danger of sharing the road with large, 4-wheeled vehicles. I’m sure room could be made in the budget, in the name of student safety, to run a shuttle bus across campus every 90 minutes to transport Patriots between classes in order to eliminate this hazardous situation.