A silver lining in our darkest hour

Ally Smith, Staff Writer

You trudge down the hallway accepting your fate. You slink into first period half-dead and barely breathing, its finals week. You sit in your desk awaiting the test that can make or break you, the test you’ve been studying for. Hours upon hours of time spent trying to memorize everything you need to know. Full of caffeine and adrenaline you embark upon your journey with the first scratch of your pencil on the grade cam.  You endure the hour long torture of nonstop writing. You emerge from first period physically and emotionally in pain, dragging yourself to your next period. Two more to go after this you murmur.  But wait its finals week. That means you have an early release from school. With newfound energy you triumph onto your next final ready to take on the challenge. Finals week can be an extremely stressful time and can leave many panicking and crying their way through the week. However, through all of the torture we endure during this week we forget to acknowledge the silver lining; half days. These 4 extra hours give us time to recollect and let out some tears if we need to. They allow us extra time to study or perhaps take a nap. These are the hours that help us all get on top of finals week and give us the time we need to succeed. Half days during finals week usually go unnoticed. They are the unsung heroes of the week. They deserve some light to be shined on them and some praise for how much they help I along with many other students out. So next time you are moping around tearstained and emotionally drained during finals week,  take a moment of silence to appreciate these so very important half days that give us a hand when we need it the most.