Mr. Worldwide has a lot more to say than Dale

Lorrin Johnson, Editor-in-chief

You probably cringe every time he comes on the radio. The sound of dale (dah-lay) might make you distort your face with disgust and create a sour taste in your mouth. It’s likely that you change the radio station when it gets to the Pitbull part of the song.

But you’re probably also a white teenager who has been programmed to “hate” Pitbull simply because it’s become the thing to do. What’s really the difference between Pitbull and all of the other obnoxious rappers that we all willingly listen to?

I must admit, rather ashamedly, I was once a hater of Pitbull. It wasn’t until I spent the entire summer in a group of multicultural teens traveling around Italy that I learned what there actually is to like about Mr. Worldwide.

When someone played a Pitbull song while we were walking down the streets of Rome, I instinctively yelled, “Ew, Pitbull! Turn this off!”

I was met with silence. My group— filled with Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, and Dominicans, and Italians—looked confused.

I quickly realized that not everyone, contrary to popular belief, hates Pitbull. Sure, sometimes he says something a little ridiculous and he’s often rather pompous. But Pitbull is so much more than his catch phrase and signature suit.


Pitbull’s website reads, “Pit learned the power of words from a young age. His parents were first-generation Cuban immigrants… After his parents split, Pit had a complicated relationship with his father, who made a significant amount of money in the streets.”
He calls himself “Mr. Worldwide” because his music transcends poverty and class, inspiring different cultures around the world to work hard and achieve their dreams.
So before you insult Pitbull’s music, think about why you actually don’t like it. If you can’t state a valid reason, then odds are you are just hopping on the I-Hate-Pitbull-Bandwagon.


Pitbull is a source of inspiration for millions of cultures around the world that seem to have the “odds stacked against them.” And it’s just a bonus that his music happens to be extremely catchy and makes you want to dale.