How to be ready for college- a senior’s perspective

Lucas Maier, The Beat Editor

High school is a stressful time for many students; between homework, tests, sports, and everyday life, it can be hard for a student to be prepared for next week, let alone what might be years away. But regardless of where you are right now, there is one thing that you should be working on – preparing for college.

Now, as mind-numbingly boring as that sounds, hear me out. Procrastination is your enemy here, and colleges LOVE students who are self-directed and ahead of schedule. Most will even offer financial incentives or preferred housing for students who apply early. Colleges keep track of who shows interest in them – whether that be via interviews, visits, or clicking on links in emails – and that can play a surprisingly large factor in your acceptance. So next time you get an email from a college or hear about a college fair don’t just reflexively ignore it; seeing what they have to say and showing interest can have very tangible results.

Another important thing to consider is visits. Colleges love students that show they care enough about their future to physically check out the schools they’re interested in, and you can learn valuable information about the lifestyle and atmosphere of schools you’re considering. Cost, however, can be incredibly prohibitive if you don’t think ahead. You can save hundreds of dollars by booking your flight in advance and with plenty of forethought – create an itinerary and map to cut down on travel time and cost.

Lastly, use every tool available to you! Teachers and faculty want to see you succeed; many are willing to help with letters of recommendation or essay editing. The career center is a great option for those looking for scholarships or advice. And many free websites such as or are available to students to help understand their options, chances of admission, and advice on financial aid.

As daunting as the prospect is, college is simply too important to ignore, and cannot simply be pushed aside. Preparing now can help head off a huge headache down the road.