Why inside jokes are insiders only

Betsy Faris, Staff Writer

It’s the middle of an oh-so interesting algebra lesson, and your teacher says “okay now whip out your text books” and it automatically reminds you of that vine with the girl whipping out her textbook and hitting her face!

You look over at your bestie across the desk and see her awkward and sly suppressed laughter. Then, you make eye contact, and the explosions start. Between puckered lips and heavy, slurred breaths, you both try to conceal and not let the teacher see your ridiculous amount of glee and tomato flushed faces. The moment of explosive friend fun is interrupted by an obnoxious voice saying “what are you all laughing about”? At that point, the peak of the hilarity of the joke has passed.

There are two reasons why this question makes my blood boil, which are logistics and sacredness.

First off, my bud and I were blessed that the teacher didn’t catch us wheezing in the corner, but now I have to explain to you a story that would take three minutes to explain every glamorous detail to give the full effect of the joke, and then, they probably wouldn’t even understand the joke.

Next, an inside joke is sacred. You and your friend shared an intimate and close moment when this joke was forged, so therefore it becomes close to your heart. The idea of sharing it almost takes away from the specialty of the joke that has grown this amazing friendship.

The meaning of an inside joke is that it is special and only for those select few and sharing it would almost be rude. So next time somebody asks you about an inside joke, just yell “THIS IS MY SACRED SECRET LEAVE ME ALONE”.