Why does Anna Kendrick mean so much to me?

Kenadi Browne, Staff Writer

What motivates you? For some, it’s the alternative sound of Twenty One Pilots. For others, it’s the idea of succeeding. For me, it’s the sound of Anna Kendrick’s laugh.

Well, I care about success too, but have you heard her wonderful voice?

Everyone has that special someone who tends to reside on their desktop wallpaper. From Misha Collins to Theo James to my own beautiful love, Anna Kendrick, countless celebrities hold special places in the hearts of students at Liberty. There are so many beautiful things about celebrities: their gorgeous eyes, adorable accent, or hilariously awkward social media posts. What’s not to love?

Celebrity crushes are amazing. They give us something to look forward to, whether it’s a new album or TV show, or a movie (Pitch Perfect 2!) with them in it. Celebrities distract us from our real-life problems, make us smile no matter what, and always brighten our day. In our eyes, celebrities are perfect.

It’s not just celebrity crushes that are important to us, although those are definitely special. Many other famous people, such as Ellen DeGeneres, are a source of inspiration, and give people hope. Some students look up to celebrities for life motivation, as proof that you can succeed in anything you put hard work into.  For example, Angelina Jolie’s charity work has been important and inspiring for many people who want to change the world. She shows us how amazing charity work really can be. Beyonce’s feminist ideas and awesome performances inspire us to stand up for equality.

Whoever your celebrity crush or favorite inspirational celebrity is, there’s no denying how important and amazing celebrities are. They make our lives so much better, even if the celebrity is just in a really good movie.