Unhealthy Obsessions

Megan So, Staff Writer

From bottle caps and stamp collections to thigh gaps and binge-watching shows on Netflix, the obsessions of teenagers have evolved through the years—and the intensity of the obsessions has escalated in correlation.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, people have become unable to resist the entertainment of the online world. Netflix, one of the most popular websites amongst teenagers, has stolen countless hours from teenagers’ productivity. The convenience of Netflix is similar to having a library of various genres of movies and shows in one hand. Catering to the interests of an array of teens, Netflix has successfully prevented the completion of a multitude of essays, projects, and chores.

Netflix is only one of thousands of online obsessions; another is the obsession with celebrities’ lives. Shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives, or The Bachelorette flaunt the extravagant lifestyles that many teens are unfamiliar with and aspire to have one day.

Unfortunately, much of the gaudy aspects of celebrities’ lives are unrealistic in the typical, hard-working citizen’s life. The majority of the population does not get expensive nail appointments every other day, nor does each person have his or her own go-kart. Celebrity Worship Syndrome is a recognized term on various websites including WebMD and many news websites—it’s a growing concern. The name is self-explanatory: people are unhealthily worshipping celebrities.

Other obsessions of teenagers include something truly unhealthy, ingredients and all: Starbucks. Whether it’s a Caramel Frappuccino or a White Chocolate Mocha, the high-sugar drinks have proven to be a detriment to many teens’ health. Although Starbucks has introduced healthier options—such as using almond milk instead of regular milk—some teens make a trip to Starbucks twice a day, and sometimes more.

Teenagers today have completely different obsessions than many of the teens in the past. No more do teens enjoy collecting stamps or bracelets. Teenagers today have become obsessed with things out of their reach and things that only prevent them from maintaining their health and progress in academics. It’s great to have a passion for something, but only if it isn’t killing brain cells and causing unhealthy behaviors.