The importance of taking inventory

Connor Cherry, Backpage Editor

As the end of the year approaches, fellow patriots, it is very important to take time and reflect on what you have achieved throughout your career as a student. It is even more important to do this if you are a senior.

As we go through high school we come across many concepts that we get thought where we simply ask ourselves “why is this relevant” or “when will I ever use this?” The truth of the matter is that we may or may not use a lot of what we learned in class post high school, but the life experiences we go through are what matters the most about our time here as Patriots.

Many valuable lessons have been learned over high school with regards to life and taking inventory of these is critical for going forth into college or whatever it is you are doing post high school. Taking inventory is essential to survival and keeping you sane in the days of stress as graduation, prom and other important milestone events rear their ugly heads on the senior class.

But even underclassmen should take inventory of their actions at the end of each year as they can offer guidance. As a graduating senior, I cannot stress enough the important of remembering the lessons learned over a year to guide you forward.

By recognizing your successes and mistakes you can do much to either not repeat mistakes and learn from past success to guide you to future success.  Summer is a time to unwind from school and take a well-deserved break, but you should still remember what you did well and what you didn’t as you go forward.

As I leave Liberty and move onto college, I hope this advice resonates with any current Patriots who happen to be reading this column.