The end of the year feels more like the end of the first semester

Taylor Jackson, Sports Editor

The year is drawing to a close. AP tests are finished, seniors know where they’ll be spending the next two to six years, and those still stuck at Liberty have chosen their classes for next year. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping; summer is literally around the corner.

And yet besides the change in the weather, you wouldn’t have any idea that the school year is almost over. Teachers are bombarding students with end-of-the-year projects and mini essays to take up the time. But isn’t the end of the year supposed to be free? First semester is the one that ends with the beginning of new projects: not second semester. With senioritis and the procrastination of all other students hitting hard, how can teachers expect us to finish projects with the gorgeous spring weather drifting in through the windows?

Honestly, you can’t.

To teachers out there: sure, you don’t want the last three weeks of school to simply be filled with Finding Nemo or the Cane Toads video. But we shouldn’t also have to keep pushing so hard at the end of the year. A little reprise and relaxation would be nice! I’m sure that we would be fine just doing in-class worksheets, without the added out-of-class project work.