It’s more than just harmonies

Allie Bowe, Staff Writer

I’ve never understood the importance of music until I entered into the Liberty Singers choir. I would marvel at pop music that didn’t have a point, and roll my eyes at the “boring” classical music, or pretend to fall asleep every time I heard a band performance.

Now, I’ve finally realized the true beauty behind the lyrics and hard work that goes into each performance. Behind each show, there have been hours and hours of preparation, hard work and no sleep.

When our choir went to New York this year, we sang in magical places. The words we sang were so touching to some people that we even made someone come up and cry because the song reminded her of her heritage.

Choir has been such an important part of my life even more than I ever thought it would be. The music we sing, although sometimes goofy, is so special to many people. At  the Music Alive concert, we had a concert with both of the high school choirs, Maywood, and all of the elementary school choirs in the district.

One girl was so excited to sing with us that she said it was the highlight of her week. The music that we sing, the music that band and orchestra play is so unique and special. When we sing at graduation it makes parents cry tears of joy. When we sing at the retirement home, it makes the elderly smile with gratitude.

Everywhere we go, from downtown Renton to the sidewalk in Times Square, we are bringing our voices and joy with them.

Because of choir I have become a more confident and adventurous person, as weird as it may sound. I would not be the same person I am today if I weren’t in choir, because of the skills I’ve learned like standing in front of a crowd, and learning how to work as a team. Thank you, Liberty Singers for teaching me how to be a better person and how to appreciate music.