Give me something I can work with

Ian Page, Senior Writer

I don’t like writing beefs all that often but I feel like this one is necessary. As an incoming freshman at Washington State University I’ve made it a habit to check my class Facebook page and try to network and make connections before I arrive in Pullman.  After reading what is probably close to 300 individual 200-300 word biographies I’m left with just one question; when did it become acceptable to list “watching Netflix” as one of your favorite hobbies? It honestly seems to me like the laziest response to a simple icebreaker; it’s a cop out that lets me know absolutely nothing about you. It’s on par with telling me that you enjoy animals, or that you like to watch grass grow. As a response it doesn’t dive deeper. I can’t discern your taste or what your personality is like simply by you telling me what video streaming website you tend to frequent.  In order to correctly judge your character, morals and ability to be my friend or not I need actual movie, show and documentary names. If you truly enjoy watching things on Netflix enough to list it as a character defining feature you must be able to actually list the types of things you enjoy viewing. So for the next time you have to write a clever bio or simply describe yourself to a group of people, please do not just take the easy way out. I’m sure you’re a lovely person with loads more qualities than just that.