Battle of the Bands

Sara Bluhm, Photography Editor

On Tuesday, May 19, Liberty saw the return of the much anticipated Battle of the Bands competition. The event was coordinated by Band Director Jared Tanner.

“Tonight the funds go towards Liberty’s band program and transportation, but really tonight is about opening up the music community at Liberty and getting more exposure for student garage bands.”  Tanner said as he opened the floor to the event MCs.

Student MCs Jenny Wood (12) and Drew Brady (12) hosted the event with humor and poorly distinguished jokes surrounding US presidents and impersonations that made the set-change time far more eventful.

The night featured multiple acts consisting of varied sounds ranging from soothing jazz to garage band alternative rock covers of The Replacements and the musicians were sure to give it their all.

Highlight performances include individual performer Jamie Brandt‘s (11) cover of Over and Over originally by Neck Deep and student group The Morning Of including Jenny Wood, Drew Brady, Quincy Loreen with “guest” audience members. To top off an evening of performances a staff band including Thruelson, Tanner, Hay, Dalpez, Wood, and Kurtz.

As the night came to a close Foreclosure Notice– consisting of Ryan Belaire (12), Joel Tinseth (12), Maxon Thornhill (9) and guest member Kyle Larson (12) was named this year’s Battle of The Bands victor and they are scheduled to play Liberty’s Campus Day May 29.

The Second Annual Battle of the Bands was deemed as a huge success as the roar of applause signified the nights end and the support from the crowd to all of the night’s talented participants.