Interhigh exchange brings new perspectives to LHS

James Ricks, Staff Writer

Oftentimes, being insulated in the stagnant air of our various high schools, it’s easy to forget there’s a world outside the cookie-cutter classrooms that furnish our lives for eight hours each day. That’s why, this next Tuesday, March 3, Liberty is again participating in a Kingco-wide Interhigh exchange. Liberty will receive ASB students from several different high schools, who will tour the campus for a day, sampling a number of courses, with a lunch provided by our very own L’café.

Each student will be accompanied by a Liberty ASB student host, who will help to make the experience at Liberty an enjoyable one. Liberty’s ASB leadership class is especially excited about this year’s experience, as it will be an opportunity to show off the new campus to our fellow schools. After spending so many years considered inferior to other Kingco schools, Liberty’s ASB is anxious to set precedents on their heads, and confirm rumors that academia is commonplace at Liberty High School.

In years past, Liberty has accepted students from Woodinville, Redmond and Inglemoor High Schools. Though primarily an opportunity for ASB students to exchange ideas on how to improve school culture, the exchange provides new perspectives to the school environment, albeit for a day. “One of the few drawbacks to Liberty’s environment is a lack of more diversity,” ASB teacher Michelle Munson said.

Thus, it’s with open arms that Liberty welcomes representatives with other schools. In tandem with the new school improvements, it seems only fitting that we remodel our school atmosphere. The Interhigh Exchange is a good place to start.