How to ID a gym bro

Joel Tinseth, The Beat Editor

High school is, among many other things, a time for change. During this post-puberty yet pre-adult time span, we tend to latch on to some peculiar fads ranging from disturbing to bizarre. This time around, just about every male at Liberty is all about hitting the gym… or at least pretending like they do.

It’s pretty easy to identify a regular gym visitor, because there are a few give-aways that you can always look out for to easily identify who’s hitting the weights.

First up, the person must be constantly talking about their last trip to the gym. It’s no good going to the gym unless it can be cross referenced among your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that you were at the gym. It doesn’t even matter what you did at the gym; all you have to do is go.

Another dead give-away is the seemingly endless knowledge about ways to consume protein. If you can’t name off at least ten different protein powder brands, you’re clearly lying about your gym habits, and just trying to fit into this new fad. After all, what could possibly be more important than consuming your own body weight in crack-infused chocolate milk? Actually going to the gym and lifting weights? That is debatable- at best.

The last way to tell someone is actually frequenting the swole-house (that’s how meat titans refer to the gym) is to check how much gym paraphernalia they have. If they’re not rocking between ten and fifteen cut-offs with witty exercise banter, they’re not legit. And you better believe that a true gym-goer wouldn’t be caught dead without his handy blender bottle. After all, you need some way to break down that chocolate banana protein infused smoothie.

While these methods for verifying someone’s claims of gym attending seem ridiculous, there is one thing you should never do to determine if someone attends the gym. And that is, of course, to actually check for enlarged muscles and an overall fit shape. After all, there are a ton of non-gym related roles that completely dominate the way a person looks. It’s completely unfair to judge a person’s gym attendance by the relative size of his muscles. It’s just safer to stick to the three basic signs listed above.

The above list will help you identify someone who goes to the gym, but until this fad passes, we will only be able to guess at what meaning these new gym-goers are trying to convey when using words such as “yoked”, “jacked” and “swole”.