A bloody good time


Hannah Matson, Design Editor

Forensics student Jade Stair (12) analyzes the results of a Kastle-Meyer test in the “Stained with Suspicion” lab on February 26.  The Kastle-Meyer test is a presumptive test used by forensic scientists to test for the presence of blood on evidence collected at crime scenes.  Here, the pastel-pink color at the tip of the Q-Tip indicates the presence of blood—chicken blood, which Forensics Teacher Alisa Jeremica had extracted from chicken livers from the grocery store and then spread on pieces of carpet to simulate a bloodstain found in the interior of a car.  Even forensics students with the strongest stomachs thought the chicken-bloodstain was quite foul.  “The carpet was crusty and the stain was nasty,” Stair said.  “I don’t think I want to deal with bloodstains (or possible bloodstains) in the future.”