Snow day, where are you?

Sara Flash, Staff Writer

It has happened to all of us before. We hear through the grapevine that there is a chance of snow overnight. Excitement rushes into every student with the realization that there is going to be this “found” day of break: one that is not planned but that is greatly needed in the long stretches of late nights and endless stress. But, when that long anticipated snow is nowhere to be seen when your alarm clock goes off, it quickly becomes a very depressing day.

No matter how many people complain about the weather or the schedule of the school year, snow days are essential to any and every student’s winter. Besides giving students a day of fun in the snow, they also provide the needed rest that can be lost so easily in the long stretches of no breaks. When we have scheduled school breaks, many look forward to those but usually have other obligations during them as well. They are often packed with sports, extracurricular activities and family dinners. Snow days, on the other hand, are gifts of unexpected time: time that was going to be used in school but is now unplanned, unprogrammed and completely free. In extreme cases, the whole city shuts down so you are not even expected to be anywhere or do anything. There is something to be said about having one day with nothing needing to be done in our busy lives.

Along the same lines, this found time gives students the opportunity to catch up on sleep when it is most needed. During the long stretches of school with no breaks, all of the tests, late nights and stress about school work can be extremely draining for any student. Sure, it is not a ton of time, but getting up at 10a.m. instead of 6a.m just one extra day of the week makes a big difference. It can take a completely chaotic week and turn it into a slightly more relaxed one.

The fact that we haven’t had a snow day this year is depressing in so many ways. Students need time to just relax and regroup during the school year. And let’s face it: who doesn’t like to spend their day sledding or having a snow ball fight when just a couple hours earlier you thought you were going to spend a dull day in the classroom?