How much time should we be spending on homework?

Kasey Winter, Staff Writer

It’s 5am and you’ve had 2 weeks to write a 2000 word essay and you only have 200 words. You’re on your 5th cup of coffee and you regret every moment of procrastination but you know it will happen again.

I feel that as a high school student, it is hard to do homework right away because as soon I get home because there is so many other things to do like sports practices, projects, tests to study for, go to work (if they have a job), have a social life, and what I think most teachers don’t understand when they give out homework is we have seven other classes to do homework for.

Teachers load us with homework not thinking about other things we have to do. Most typical high school students day is 6am wake up and go to school for 7 hours, come home and do homework for an additional 4-5 hours, and then only have a few hours until they need to go to bed to get a healthy amount of sleep.

I think that teachers should give out little to no homework because all we do is school and school work and we need to have a social life as well as get sleep and homework is taking both of those things away from us most of the time. We need to balance out our activities evenly and school plus homework takes up our time to do our own things like sports and jobs and sleep.

When I come home from school I want to go hang out with my friends or go outside and do something but instead I am trapped inside doing homework. Teachers! When you hand out homework, please consider out lives and other priorities and ask yourself if this homework will actually benefit us or not.