Emotional roller coaster of finals

Skyler Radford, Staff Writer

When it’s comes to finals week it’s all stress and panic, because you haven’t studied yet at all, and MUST ace everything. No ones in a good mood, you’re surviving solely on coffee and three hours of sleep, barely able to remember what you spent six hours studying the night before. Then once you sit down, take out a pencil, pee your pants, and take the dreaded final. It goes great one period then the next you die because you studied all the wrong things. Life sucks during finals week. Once it’s over you are full of relief yet still dreading the moment you discover your grades. Along with the grades, secretly you hate all your teachers for giving such a difficult final. Then you realize that once the week is over, you will never see some of those teachers again. At this point everyone’s filled will dread, hatred, frustration, and regret. After a whole semester with your teachers you are grateful for many good goofy memories with them in class and will miss them immensely. Now the hatred is towards yourself because you hated the teachers you once loved weeks before. The roller coaster never ends. It becomes awkward seeing your former teachers in the hall because they are so nice and all that you can think of is the horrible things you said to yourself about them during finals. Day and night students stress about their grades, what homework they have, what upcoming projects that will be worked on till early hours of the morning the night before it’s due. We forget all that teachers do for us and that they have committed their entire life to helping us succeed. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to be grateful, but it’s what they deserve. So next time you take your finals, don’t shred your teachers to pieces in your head, at least not as much as usual.