The importance of procrastination

Brittany Toombs, Staff Writer

Tumblr. Twitter. Trivia Crack. Instagram. And the holy grail of all holy grails: Netflix. These lifelines are a blessing and a curse. They hold our fascination during “short breaks” from CROs and “quick check-ins” in-between math problems. If every mile I scrolled on Tumblr was equal to me running one, I’d be a seasoned marathoner. Parents and watchful friends comment with a disapproving tone on our hopeless getaways into our procrastination oases. But fear not, I’m here to tell you that procrastination, binge-watching, and retweeting are an Important Part of your Health and Education!

Without procrastination, where would we be? Drones, finishing every essay in the fastest and most thorough fashion possible! Nonsense! We all know that this is an impossible feat of mankind and we are kidding ourselves when we timeline our assignments in planners, which are lined with tears. We are all-too familiar with the mindset of rushing home, kicking butt with homework, even getting ahead. Futile. All of it! A quick Twitter check can turn into distracted, blissful scrolling, and finishing an episode of Breaking Bad can turn into finishing a season.

All of this is healthy, nurturing, and necessary! As very wise and wonderful teenagers here at Liberty, most of us have attention spans of a Labrador. They’re adorable (like us!!) but their squirrel is our Instagram; their tail-chasing is our obsessively changing our profile pictures. We need short (long) breaks from strenuous assignments to keep us from losing our minds. Without the promise of a Gossip Girl binge following my chem packet, I’d go mad. So, next time you find yourself lost in ‘Tumblrland’ or enthralled in an episode of Friends, pat yourself on the back. You’re increasing your mental health, happiness, and becoming more cultured amidst the synthesis papers and Spanish packets. Go you.