Back from the dead

Allie Bowe, Staff Writer

The week before finals is relaxing. The only homework there is to do is study. Teachers give time in class to review, and try to help prepare for the test of the semester. There’s even time to hang out with your friends and relax before the stressful week that determines your grade’s fate.

Oh wait. None of that is true.

The famous “dead” week has resurrected, and is very much alive now. Quizzes, projects, lab reports, essays, and even the dreaded Socratic seminars are forced on the top of our already regular heavy load of homework. Not only is the stress of not having enough time to study on the weight of our shoulders, but extra homework seems to magically appear the week before finals.

Yes, teachers need to get points into the gradebook before the semester ends, but there is 4 ½ months of time for them to do this before the semester ends for a reason. There comes a point where students will give up: usually around 3 a.m. During the time where the most important thing should be resting and preparing for finals week, students are forced to do piles of homework. With a diet of coffee and red bull, we blindly walk into what is the hardest week of our high school career. All because there wasn’t enough time to study to the point of perfection.

The reason for dead week is to make sure students don’t go crazy trying to balance sports, work, school and studying to make sure we pass all of their classes. Most high school kids have extracurricular activities outside of school.

It’s time to kill the week before finals once more. We deserve the time we need to prepare for finals, and the only way to do this is to send dead week back to the grave.