Use the holidays to have a social life

Lucas Maier, Staff Writer

As we go into the holidays, a time normally seen by your average high school student as a light at the end of the tunnel, many look forward to the glorious break (2 whole weeks!) it as nothing more than an opportunity to stuff their faces with cookies and eggnog. And there’s certainly no issue with that – I’m not here to judge how you spend your free time – but I would make one suggestion. As many students continue to have less free time to truly spend with family and friends, due to conflicting schedules, sports, or your pick of Honors or AP classes, or what have you – set aside some time to spend time with others, and really take into account exactly how fortunate we are compared to others.

Yes, this is a chance for celebration and joy, but that joy should be focused on the magic of the holidays and time spent with loved ones, as opposed to material objects. The usual plays, movies, concerts and events are sure to be taking place over the season, and provide an excellent excursion for friends or family. Too often our culture focuses on material wealth and the sheer excess of the holidays, and neglects the emotional side of things.

The holidays are also an excellent opportunity to give back. There are many families in our state, and even our own communities that are likely to see the season as a stressful time of making ends meet while having a happy holidays, or even having food or a roof over their heads during colder days. Volunteering, whether at a nursing home, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen, is a fantastic way to have a meaningful experience and spread cheer to those who really need it. And it makes the eggnog and cookies taste that much better.

Have a happy holidays, and enjoy sleeping in for two weeks!