Winter wariness pays plentifully

Ian Page, Senior Writer

The winter season is upon us now in full force; ice coats the sidewalks, snow covers the trees and yet there they are. The students, who despite being presented with insurmountable proof that winter is here still insist on wearing shorts, t-shirts and even in extreme situations, tank tops. Anti-freeze flows through their veins and their skin is made out of the same chemical compounds found in house insulation and it’s even said their exposed calves radiate heat.

Staying warm is a natural human instinct and is essential to survival, so is it possible that these students are not human? Maybe we’ll never know but one think that most of us can all be sure of as we huddle, still cold and tired in several layers of down and fleece there is something simply unnatural about this behavior.

Being fashionable and cool doesn’t negate the consequences of freezing to death. Your Nike Elite basketball shorts aren’t going to look baller when you’re frozen to death during passing periods. Your nice expensive t-shirt that you copped from Zumiez isn’t going to hold up to the elements.

Freedoms of appearance is protected by the First Amendment but just take a moment or two and think about whether it’s worth it or not to risk life and limb for fashion.

Hypothermia is preventable. So this winter, save a life. Put on pants.