When is the appropriate time to begin listening to Christmas music?

Lorrin Johnson, Feature Editor

There are two types of people in this world: Christmas music enthusiasts—like myself—and those who think there is “a time and place” for such tunes.

We’ve reached the point in the year, post-Thanksgiving and within the universally accepted month of Christmas cheer, where festive music is being enjoyed by most Christmas-celebrating humans. 106.9 is probably playing in the cars of everyone besides the self-proclaimed Grinch.

For some reason the passing of Thanksgiving has ignited jolly spirit in the hearts of those who have opposed “premature (pre-Thanksgiving)” Christmas music enjoyment.

So what sparked this change of heart? Did the pre-Thanksgiving Scrooge awake on November 28th and suddenly feel an overwhelming desire to finally submit to the joys of holiday music?


There is no “appropriate time” to feel the overpowering happiness that comes “White Christmas” or “Here Comes Santa Claus”.

You can’t put a time frame on holiday spirit.

Whether it’s the day after Halloween, or the night before Christmas, the spirit of the holidays can and should be enjoyed.

All I’m asking is for the Christmas music enthusiasts of the world to band together and eliminate this anti-happiness stigma that surrounds pre-Thanksgiving holiday music. We cannot submit to the societal pressures to avoid joy until the end of November.

If you wish to not listen to holiday happiness until later in the season, then all I ask of you is to not excrete your Scrooginess unto the rest of us.

And also please don’t pretend like you didn’t like the music until after Thanksgiving. We all know you did before.