Hear the music – show our instrumentalists some love

Skylar Kylstra, Staff Writer

It is about time that we start recognizing the amazing instrumentalists at Liberty. The band and orchestra are severely under recognized at our school; Liberty is brimming with talent but only a fraction of it (i.e. almost exclusively sports and athletes) seems to be regularly recognized.

The orchestra is what makes the music for the musical in the spring, and the band livens up football games, basketball games, and assemblies with their upbeat tunes. Not only that, but the music department also organizes charity endeavors such as the textile drive which took place this fall and raised clothing for charities and recycling while also generating money for the music department, and performances at nursing homes and community events such as events with the Issaquah Women’s Foundation.

There are always announcements about someone doing well at a sporting event (as there should be- people who practice and succeed in sports deserve to be recognized), but when was the last time that there was an announcement about someone rocking their violin solo at the orchestra concert, someone earning a great rating at Solo and Ensemble, or about Wind Ensemble’s awesome performance at festival? I don’t even recall there ever being an announcement about an orchestra or band concert happening. Instrumentalists in the band and orchestra work hours in and out of school to put together amazing performances at competitions and concerts at Liberty (that are usually free to attend), but unlike most sporting events and perhaps even Drama performances like the fall play and the spring musical, hardly any of the student body attends.

So come on Patriots, show the band and orchestra some love. Keep supporting sports and all the other talented people at Liberty, but also support our instrumentalists. I challenge you to go to one of their concerts and appreciate the music. Our musicians need support just as much as our athletes.