Change in weather is beneficial for students

Samantha Kelderman, Staff Writer

Sweater weather! This is definitely a common phrase in this time of year as students bundle up in their favorite winter clothes and indulge themselves with plentiful amounts of warm coffee in order to escape the bitter cold of winter. Social media explodes with mass amounts of pictures that depict the impending winter, such as leaves falling from trees and frost covered surfaces. Students talk about their excitement for Christmas, ski season, and other winter sports as the sun dips lower in the sky each day and temperatures plummet. Let’s face it, we thrive off of changes in weather because they bring us away from the ordinary patterns in the past season and allow us to do activities that we couldn’t accomplish before.

Liberty students, especially fall sports athletes, have to face the intense September heat every year. Practices can be brutal working out in the extreme heat of the sun with sun burning and overeating being normal on a daily basis. The classroom also gets unbearable to be in as temperatures continually stay in the 80’s. The rooms get stuffy and it’s difficult to focus on learning. All in all, summer weather gradually becomes less preferable as the September and October months proceed.

Although the weather is still comfortable and preferable for some people, we start aching for the winter months so we can receive a break from the long summer months and start enjoying something a little different to the regular routine of not only school, but life as well.

It’s great to not only enjoy the wonderful changes weather in Washington has to offer, but it’s great to activities and things we wouldn’t do on a regular basis. People need a change and change is what gives people hope to keep moving forward as the year progresses. Got a huge project? Thanks to a sudden snowstorm your project has been postponed for a full week! School getting on your nerves? Winter break is coming in a few short weeks so you can tough it out. Tired of another brutal heat wave? The December, January months are there to satisfy your need for colder temperatures.

Without weather changes, school would not be as fun for students to go too, as the same routine everyday can make a person lose heart and purpose to go to school each day. Weather gives us something to look forward to and gives inspiration to finish our assignments with efficiency so we can enjoy the activities our environment has to offer.