Being stuck behind busses

Gabby Messina, Staff Writer

As I rush out of the house each morning I make a concerted effort to get on the road before the dreaded busses, but this is not always possible. When I realize that I’m stuck behind them, I curse wildly to myself, knowing that my drive will now take about ten times longer.

Isn’t it funny how perspectives can change so quickly? Now instead of hoping that the kid running so that he doesn’t miss the buss will make it, which was me every day a couple of years ago, I now become angry at him for being so slow. The kid with the leisurely, sauntering, walk, unbeknownst to him, has now become my sworn enemy. Now, I wish that the bus would just leave him behind so that I can carry out the rest of the commute to school. If a bus is running late, the kids on that bus are excused, but if you are driving behind a late bus you won’t be, which seems unfair, but it is usually your fault for leaving too late.

It’s important for driving students to remember that they were once that kid also, and to be thankful for the years that the bus gave you a method of free transportation. Instead of getting angry at the busses for stopping up your route, you should be patient and wait the extra few minutes. Swearing, tailgating, do not actually solve anything so there’s no point in partaking in these actions.

A friendly wave to bus riders or drivers will start your day off on a much more positive note. Or you could crank up your radio, and enjoy spending a few more minutes listening to your favorite song before you have to enter the wonderful learning institution that we call Liberty High School.