Student technology woes

Jordan Carlson, Backpage Editor

The influence of technology has greatly improved the efforts of student learning at liberty high school. Unfortunately, many students abuse the use of technology such as tapping into the Wi-Fi and distracting others with nonsense videos and unrelated subjects. Some may see this as a problem, but I find that these are necessary to a student’s education. Nobody wants to go through school listening to productive and informative material for future use. People need that comical relief and enjoy a good laugh to relieve them from educational entrapment. As fun and enjoyable as education sounds, it’s not at all entertaining. I believe that people can make it entertaining but it’s not. An escape to a miniature handheld screen brings that feeling of happiness and joy, the same feelings that school can postpone. School is an issue which all students live with; there are many areas where school affects students badly. Students get no sleep and also have to enjoy the stressful amount of homework and expectation that comes from school and the pressure of getting into a good college. Technology helps us get there. Yes you can write an essay on the computer or get information for an essay of the internet. But what’s really important is how we use the internet to gain. I find the internet is an escape to find peace and thrilling excitement in which people can find joy. Never let school get you down, always gather yourself together when being hammered with homework and sleep deprivation. The internet is your gateway to entertainment and relief from school. Use it wisely and don’t get your rights to the computer taken away. Then you have to resort to actually doing work.