Pigeons and squirrels and flies, oh my!

Kelley Johnson, Staff Writer

The wildlife at Liberty High School has evolved from wild students to a wide array of animals fluttering and fliting around; and this has not been a welcomed change in the schools ecosystem.

The warm airs of the lunchroom have attracted more than a few pigeons in to its depths. These winged trespassers have found enjoyment in perching on the rafters above and watching students and faculty members try to coax them out through fear tactics, food incentives and garbage spear throwing; nothing has prevailed.

The skittering tiny squirrels who find pleasure in racing around the parking lot, causing already stressed out students to have miniature heart attacks while slamming on their brakes to avoid a collision with the little rascals, are also placed on the Patriot’s unwanted list.

These invasive species have little impact on the academics and learning environment of the students at Liberty so they have been considered “manageable” to most; but that is not the case with our biggest antagonist: the fly.

The final piece of the growing wildlife at Liberty, and arguable the worst addition to Liberty, are the pesky, fleeting, and never-ending flies.

The number of flies at Liberty has caused a bloody war to be waged between the winged nuisances and the students and staff members; this battle dominates the Patriot kingdom.

This battle has caused teachers to have fly death counts on their whiteboards and giving extra credit to our young warriors who befall a fly.

In classrooms and hallways it has become common to see someone chasing down one of the targeted fly of the moment, typically with little success; but every once in a while there is a triumphant shout that signals a tally to be added to the whiteboards and a small burial ceremony.

Although the wildlife at Liberty has grown to an uncomfortable, and quite frankly annoying, amount of species all we can do is live our lives day to day and stay strong in the face of adversity.