Food is very different in Norway from America

Marthe Jatun, Staff Writer

The food is probably one of the biggest differences between Norway and America. To make it short: American food is way less healthy.

I notice it is more normal to eat fast food here for lunch, and having student specials at Ezell´s and Kami Teriyaki, makes it hard to stay away. It is also much more available and cheap, so most of my money here goes to food. I have to say I thought McDonalds was going to be way more popular than it really is here, and that more people would be “rolling around”.

Actually I never had Chipotle or subway until I came here. I had never heard about it, even not Kami or Ezells, but now they are my favorites. In my hometown, the only American brands we have are McDonalds or Burger King, and I have to admit their food makes me sick. I´ll rather get BigBite, which is really popular in Norway and so good and healthy. It is kind of like Subway, but I have to admit Subway is better. Starbucks I guess is the “thing”, it is really popular in Norway, but to get that you have to go to the big cities, like Oslo, which is like 8 hours from where I live.

I’m not saying there aren´t any fast food establishments, but the Norwegian diet is more likely to include seafood, salads and fruit and food generally made from the “scratch”. We also never eat out, only for special events. I guess it’s because the food in Norway is really expensive. If you go out for dinner one day, it´ll probably cost around $20-25 or more for one meal.

What I really miss is my mom’s fresh homemade bread for breakfast with the traditional Norwegian brown cheese. Oh man, it is so delicious. And the traditional Norwegian dinner: lamb steak with sweet potatoes and brown sauce and vegetables.