Summer time lovin’, changes are a-comin’

Jordan Carlson, Backpage Co-editor

As the winter comes to a close, warm weather and nice days approach. With this wave of nice weather and spring come newly grown plants and leaves, which also bring about allergies. Seasonal allergies such as hay fever are very common at liberty high school. Every day in class there are kids making a symphony of music from blowing their noses, sniffling, and yawning. Also, the repeating sound of tissue being ripped from its box and the sound of a used wad of paper being dropped into the trash can. As a fellow liberty patriot I find it a struggle every year especially towards the end when a person’s allergies are reacting at their highest. Even as I write to you now I am constantly itching my eye and sniffling my nose.

These sounds and actions can get very prominent when the entire school runs out of tissue paper. That is when you have to get creative. You can no more safely get a soft fabric to wipe your nose in the presence of a drip. Now you have to either luckily have a napkin around, or there are some paper towels nearby. If no paper towels then you can make a run to the bathroom and instead grab some toilet paper which is much nicer than that coarse brown sandpaper we use to dry our hands. If all else is lost maybe reach into your backpack and find an old school assignment, if not that then maybe rip s piece off of your sack lunch bag.

But if you really have to do it, use your sleeve, this method is a dead last since it is so nasty and gross. Also, never ever use your hand or forearm because it’s even nastier and it will also spread germs faster than any of the other strategies. There is already a plague of the lack of Tissues in our building; we don’t need any other plagues spreading around the school. As the seasons change and sickness, or allergies, or moods change, my advice to you would be find a strategy that works, don’t spread what you have unless you’re in a very happy mood since summer is finally here (if it ever does hit Washington). Congratulations patriots on surviving through the seasons here at liberty, stay healthy my friends.