Summer is just around the corner

Nate Jarvis, Sports Co-editor

The summer is just around the corner, with each day getting nicer and nicer students experience a lack of drive to finish out the school year strong. With each day that passes students get excited to be out in the sun, on the beach and hanging out with friends.

This time of year is when the final school grind commences and all students want to just be done, especially the seniors. Every student goes through this type of feeling to just be done with school. It’s funny how at the beginning of the year everyone is super excited to be back in school, but after a long 160 days of being in the same boring four walls listening to a teacher that you probably don’t even like. This makes school tend to get a little boring.

Along with having sat through the same classes for 160 days the weather becomes a huge factor for student’s imagination. Just think you are sitting in class and you look outside and it’s a beautiful day all you begin to think about is all the things that you could be doing instead of what you should really be focusing on. Now I’m not saying that teachers should never open the blinds or not have windows at all in the classroom, but I am saying that teachers should understand that student’s minds are going wander.

If you were a junior or senior this year you might have taken an AP test. Well given that these tests were in mid-May, many students believe that those classes should be pretty much over. All you did this year was spend a whole year preparing for that test and now that you have already took it you are just itching to get out into the sun and get away from school.