Self-expression, judgment , and a Patriot’s double life

Sara Bluhm, Photography Co-editor

All over Liberty High School there are kids how have a secret identity. It may be as low key as the secret animal lover who has been in 4-H since the fifth grade, the boy scout who has all of his badges, the girl scout on her way to achieving the coveted Gold Award, or the secret partier.

On the other hand we have the Clark Kents of Liberty High who lead a double life. They are the night bloggers, band-interviewers, youtubers, humanitarians, and Supermans.

The student body here is so diverse in terms of personalities and spirits, but nobody will ever see this if the verbal judgment as well as cyber judgment continues.

Twitter pages such as Judging Liberty, PDA of Liberty, Smack High continue to tear down student’s self-esteem. This is the reason behind the lack of self-expression here it Liberty.

I myself have been afraid to be open about my online personality revolving around music interviews because of the way high school students behave. We tend to be vicious and judgmental in order to feel as if we are part of the crowd.

With everyone else voicing judgment then it must be okay, right?

No. This is absolutely wrong.

Students should not be ashamed to show their Hannah Montana lifestyle. We are a community which should be encouraging and celebrating the differences, not using them to hurt one another. Those judging one another do not grasp the concept that we will be with each other for a span of four years. We need to stop giving rise to the judgment and start encouraging individuality

Here are my two cents of the day that I encourage you to try and apply to yourself: Do all things with kindness and be someone you’d like to be around.

As for the Clark Kents reading this, I’d like to leave you with another bit of advice. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so why limit yourself as a result of comments made by the simple minded? In the end it’s all just noise. The world is at your feet so you do you and keep your head high.