Making the most of summer days

Connor Cherry, Backpage Co-editor

As the school year is drawing to a close, it is important to finish strong but also to think ahead to what you will do with the fast coming summer vacation. As you navigate the treacherous waters of finals week many thoughts come to mind on how you should spend the summer. Maybe your family is taking a trip to some far off exotic locale like Paris or London. Or like most people you probably are stuck in Renton, Washington with seemingly nothing to do.

Don’t despair because there are plenty of low cost and equally fun options to make the most of your summer. Hang with friends. Go camping perhaps or maybe see a movie with that girl you like. Take the boat on a sunny day or go out in a friend’s boat if you don’t have the means to own a boat yourself. Go to a museum or spend a day seeing the sights of Seattle like the Space Needle and chow down at Dicks Hamburgers. Concerts are always fun. Do some research to find when a cool band is in town and go see their performance. Take time to do family activities if that’s you thing.

Whatever you do make it something that you will remember. Don’t let the lack of an extreme trip get you down. It is your summer and the only thing stopping it from becoming the greatest summer on record is there lack of motivation to take advantage of the summer. Summer is the time for new experiences and new friends so don’t let any limitations hold the summer bask from being one of the greatest ones to date.

Remember fellow Patriots to have fun, be safe and let the good times roll. Happy summer.