Liberty’s unsung heroes

Joel Tinseth, Beat Editor

Behind every curtain, there is an operator hard at work making sure that everything at the show is running as it should. At Liberty, things are no different. While we have amazing teachers that we interact with daily, there is a lot more to Liberty than we see every day.

There are many different teachers and faculty that do much more than we discuss or even know about. The special education department, all of our sports teachers who must double as an academic beacon that radiates knowledge and as an adamant and effective coach, the lunch staff, Mr. Kinsely and officer Montalvo, custodians, and the yearbook and journalism heads are among the many people who deserve a sincere thank you.

The person who I would like to focus on now is Morten Orren, or Mort as he is known by his students. Day after day, Mort teaches his various levels of sports medicine, grading many papers. But most teachers have similar duties to; they all have to spend time inside battling through piles of papers.

What Mort does that makes him stand out among the other teachers is his commitment to excellence and his extended stays at Liberty High School every time there is a sporting event.

At every sporting event, Mort sits patiently and for a long time, waiting for someone to get hurt… and help them, of course. Mort’s job is to attend the events and help people there, but he goes well above that in making the whole event a better place to be.

Also, having had Mort for sports medicine, I can attest to his excellence as a teacher. Every day, he teaches, grades, and attends sporting events, doing his best to ensure that Liberty is still working as it should.

Mort, we all appreciate you.