Liberty students support Relay for Life in more ways than one

Jocelyn Tierney, Entertainment Co-editor

Relay for Life isn’t just about raising money to help find a cure; it is also about celebrating those who have beat cancer and remembering those who lost the fight- and that is exactly what the 83 students from Liberty did last weekend.

The event took place at Issaquah High School on May 31st; it started at 12:00pm and went till 8:00am the next day; this helped represent how cancer truly never sleeps.

Some of the day-time fun activities included karaoke, frozen tee-shirt contests, water balloon tosses, and inflated whale races. Meanwhile people are playing Frisbee, tossing the football, and walking the track with friends in the sun.

As soon as it got dark however the event took up a new tone and it was time for the Luminaria Ceremony. You watch slideshows of the lives cancer has taken and hear some heartfelt experiences from cancer patients, survivors, and family members of those who have past. After that you take a silent lap of remembrance while looking at all the lighted bags that have the names people have lost the battle to cancer.

The teams that were solely made up of Liberty students were: Hunters for a Cure, Liberty High School Honor Society, LHS Key Club, The Lost Boys, Liberty Cross Country Crew, and High Schoolers for Hope. Together these teams rose over $14,000.

Money wasn’t the only thing Liberty High School raised and donated last weekend: Alissa Campbell, Kelli Anderson, and Nicole Crook all donated at least 8 inches of their hair to Locks of Love; an organization that makes wigs for people with cancer.

All in all, the event at Issaquah High School was a huge success, raising over $216,000 in fundraising and had over 850 participates this year. And thanks to the students that supported this event, Liberty High School can walk away from this weekend knowing that we made an impact on the fight against cancer.