Heads high in a construction zone

Taylor Jackson, Sports Co-editor

Finally, as the school year draws to a close, we are beginning to see the results of our year-long, portable-inducing construction work on our beloved school. However, this brings on a new question: What about next year?

It’s the fear that’s within all students hearts. What if our school looks like a detonation zone next year too? How can we carry ourselves with school pride if our stadium has been torn up and looks like Godzilla sharpened his nails where the football field used to be? As high schoolers, we put our physical appearance to high standards, and that goes both for ourselves and our school. It’s the first notification to visitors of who we are, and first impressions are always important. If we don’t have a complete school, then what do we have?

Even if our school is plywood and sheetrock, with a little painter’s tape here and there, we can still hold our heads high. Yeah, we were crammed into Portable City for a year plus. And, yes, we had to trek all the way around the school just to see a football game at the beginning of the year. But we need to be able to look past that, to the future, and see that our strife was not in vain. Come next year (ok, maybe a little after) Liberty will be our pride and joy. We can deal with a little sawdust for now; just keep your eye on the prize, and know that we can bask in the glory of our architectural glamour when the time comes.

So, before you complain about the status of our school, take a deep breath and think about what it will be. Waiting a tad longer for the finished product will definitely be worth it.