Concussions: the long road to recovery

Ellie Hohensinner, News Co-editor

A concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury, caused by the brain becoming jumbled inside the scull. Even though they are becoming more common and talked about as well as becoming diagnosed more often, and more students are dealing with head related complications and the setbacks they bring.

Concussions may occur from many different sources, including sports like football and soccer, car crashes or accidents, and hitting the head against any hard surface with enough force and speed.

Despite the fact that concussions are well known about due to the news and other sources, it creates unfortunate and sometimes frustrating precautions after impact. Many side effects take place right after impact, but some wait until later. Even though you may not be in pain, it is the rule to have to be cleared by a neurologist or a sports medicine doctor before returning to play – which may take longer than expected.

The worst part of all may be the change in school work behaviors, and the setbacks that are brought up from a medical standpoint. Concuss people cannot look at technology, concentrate, read, listen to loud music, take certain medication, stay in school long term and be at their fullest potential.

Students are placed under a term called a ‘504’, where students receive extensions on homework, project and all school related work. The average person might think to themselves, “Hey, that is great! Why can’t I get a concussion to have more time on homework?” Anyone who thinks that the extra time needed is not necessary has never experienced the pain, frustration and inabilities someone who has experienced a concussion.

At Liberty alone, there has been over 30 concussions reported to the office just this year alone, an astonishing number for a AA school like ourselves.

As having suffered a concussion myself, it is important to understand the importance of taking care of concussions if you believe you have one, because if not they can get worse. It will not heal without the resting of the brain. Be understanding of people with concussions, because even though it may not seem like a big deal, it affects student’s learning on a daily basis.