Campus Day is important

Amanda Roberts, Feature Co-editor

Every school-year, within the last few weeks, ASB puts together the Liberty High School Campus day, where students get to come together, eat good food, and enjoy a fun day as a Liberty community.

Some students at Liberty do not understand the importance of campus day and do not realize how fortunate Liberty High School is to have it.

Campus day may seem, to some students, like just someday where students can watch a dodge ball tournament and have periods that are only an hour. What students don’t know is that there is much more that goes into it that they don’t see.

For weeks before the event, Liberty’s ASB plans everything. They call vendors such as Cold Stone, Jamba Juice and Weiner World and make sure they are available to attend the event and set up deals that allow a portion of the money they make to go to the school.

They also set up things such as areas for the Magic tournament and make sure the Blackbox is available for students to play video games.

Liberty’s ASB organizes Campus day in order for there to be an activity that suits every student. There is something for everyone at Campus day, and this is why Liberty students should be more thankful that we have it.

Liberty High School is the only school in the Issaquah School District that has a Campus day. When students of Liberty realize the benefit of the event, they will be able to really enjoy it.

“A lot of schools do not have the opportunity to have anything like the Campus day we have at Liberty. As a member of ASB, I can see all of the hard work that gets put in to organizing the event and I think a lot of people should realize how lucky we all are,” junior Mikayla Nudelman said.