Learning to drive is not something to put off

Sami Beers, News Editor

Batman and James Bond.  What do these two and countless others have in common?  A driver’s license; which is a form of licensing that I have seen distressingly little of around Liberty.

If James Bond had never gotten his license 1) he never could have been a secret agent (I’m fairly certain that’s a job requirement) and 2) we would have been deprived of many a great car chase.  However, he did not, in fact, limit himself, and did get his license (probably right away).

As high school students we are in unique transitional time of our lives, we are growing up and moving from the coddling of middle and elementary school towards the great unknown that is College.  By the time that we graduate from here the vast majority of us will be legal adults able to vote, live alone, attend rated R movies unsupervised, and buy dry ice, lottery tickets and fireworks.  After these four years our lives will be different.  So why not take this opportunity to learn a major skill that will be undoubtedly valuable later in life?

Like, for instance, the ability to get yourself from point A to point B (without having to rely on anyone else).

It baffles me that even as a senior there are people in my grade, smart independent people, who have neglected to learn how to transport themselves.  I have heard everything from “I don’t have time to learn” to “I just don’t see the use of it right now”, but this is not something that you should put off.  In our society the ability to drive has become more than just a sign of independence, it also makes you more employable (everyone from scientists to fry cooks need to get to work on time), and makes your life less complicated when you no longer have to look or wait for a ride (which can be a major hassle).

Now, I know that not everyone has their own car, and that insurance can be expensive, but that should never stop you from at least learning.   You’re currently young(making it easier to learn new things, especially when it comes to hand eye coordination),  you have the huge support system that comes from living at home (and from being the age where people are dedicated to helping you learn), and as a high school student you have a deceptively large amount of free time.  Trust me, you don’t want to be learning this when you’re thirty.

So stop being so apathetic about something that will be infinitely useful, and don’t limit yourself by not learning.

Without learning to drive Bruce Wane could have never utilized the Bat mobile.  He would have had to take the bus, he would have been late and he would have let the criminals get away.  So really, in order to be effective Batman HAD to learn how to drive, and by learning to drive you are one step closer to being Batman.  And, as we all know, if you can be Batman, be Batman.