The L Café makes its way into our hearts (and bellies)

Rachel Wittenberg, Managing Editor

Along with the other new editions made to our school through the lengthy reconstruction process is the brand new restaurant ran by students involved in the culinary program. While this new kitchen may just seem like another perk of a new school, we need to take more time to recognize the amount of changes that have come along with it and to thank those who make it happen.

By far, the biggest perk of the new L Café is the expanded healthy choices menu. The restaurant on campus creates access for students of all grades to fresh made sandwiches, soups, salads, and treats. Compared to the options in the school lunch line and the snacks DECA offers, the L Café is by far the healthiest choice, and the fresh ingredients have a great taste.

Ms. Matsuda and the leaders of the culinary program have also used their business and interest as a spirit machine, bringing smiles to L Café customers during Red Out for Heart week, where they provided specific heart-healthy information and meals, and the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, where they served popular Hauschka sandwiches and Skittles smoothies. The spirit of the restaurant and staff translated easily to the Liberty students and teachers.

On the academic side of things, the culinary program’s growth because of its new facilities and opportunities has given students in the culinary program the chance to combine their artistic skills with business skills in a real world situation. By expanding the program to freshman, the culinary department has set up a career tech education available to all students that will offer new learning opportunities each year students are involved.

I, myself, take advantage of our school’s incredible program every Tuesday – Friday by enjoying the savory taste of the pesto pasta salad or the Italian pesto melt (both of which I highly suggest). Thank you L Café for giving me and many other students a lunch to look forward to, and thank you to Ms. Matsuda and everyone involved in creating the new restaurant and creating this successful program. It’s filling our hearts and our tummies.