Quit the whining and keep it positive

Shelby Lex, Feature Editor

A day doesn’t go by when you don’t hear people complaining about something. There’s an endless chorus of people lamenting about how “they are so tired, and just want to go home”, “they don’t want to be here”, “they’re so bored”, or “they can’t wait until the next break”. However, these overused phrases only serve to bring a constant negativity to our school.

Especially after coming back from Mid-Winter Break, with everyone trying to readjust to going to school every day, the atmosphere hanging over many people has been gloomy and miserable.

But, since when has complaining ever solved the issue or made the situation better? Just because you inform your friend that you don’t want to be at school, it doesn’t mean that you can just leave. Rather, complaining brings down the morale of others and leaves you in a negative mood. By voicing your negative comments all you do is remind yourself of how down you are.

It’s easy to find the bad in everything, so although it may be extremely difficult at times to not complain, the overall atmosphere of our school is better if your negative remarks remain unsaid.

I’ll admit that I too will often complain about school, but after noticing it in other people, I’ve decided to make the effort to be more uplifting. And by trying to keep a positive attitude, you might be surprised at how your day will get better.

After all, if we have to spend six hours, five days a week at school, we might as well try to enjoy it as best we can. If not, we are only making these four years painstaking for ourselves. So, let’s try to be positive and hope that by doing so, we make school an even more enjoyable place to be.